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We recently had a birthday party for my mother-in-law (still working on posting the food I made for it).  Using some inspiration from the current fashion trends I went with purple and added some rustic touches.  I flanked the centered flower arrangement with hedgeballs on white plates.  Each individual place setting had a pear name tag. Finally, a simple burlap runner down the middle of the table I cut from a two yard piece purchased at a fabric store.  A very inexpensive and easy way to make a dinner a bit more elegant!  Also a great idea for the upcoming holidays.

Supplies for the centerpiece:

  • double sided tape
  • jute or twine (buy at a local craft store or Walmart/Target)
  • mason jar (any size)
  • fresh flowers

Place a piece of double sided tape vertically centered on the jar.  Wrap the twine around and push into the tape with each wrap around.  Cut and secure under twine.  Fill with an arrangement of fresh flowers and water.  Ta da!

Supplies for pear name tags:

  • Fresh pears (try picking ones with a flat bottom)
  • Construction paper (any color)
  • Black marker
  • Twine or jute (I used leftovers from centerpiece)
  • Paper hole puncher

Cut a leaf shaped piece of construction paper for each pear.  Punch a hole at one end and write each guests name on each card.  Tie with a piece of twine around pear stem.