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With 3,500 calories equally a pound it’s easy to gain a pound or two a week during the holiday season.  The average Thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories alone!  Even if you eat an extra 500 calories beyond your daily calorie requirement every day, you’ll gain one pound a week.  A piece of scrumptious pumpkin pie with whip cream is around 350 calories – two pieces down – you can do the math.

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Don’t stress about a piece of pie at Thanksgiving or a treat at a party, by all means we should enjoy the holidays (just don’t take home the leftover pie to store conveniently in your fridge)!  I think it is important to remember mindful eating during this time of year:

1) If you feast moderately one day, then eat healthy and excercise the remainder of the week to limit excess calorie intake.  Take a good walk a few hours after a big meal to get some fresh air and keep you from a return trip to the dessert buffet. 

2) Keep it simple and never go ragingly hungry to a holiday party. 

3) Take a cooler of healthy, satisfying snacks to detour the continually replenished treat table at work.

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Here is a great link I found on fitbie to help guide you healthily through this joyous time of year!  “Burn off a holiday meal in 3 days”: