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My love for you is abundant.

More abundant than the oceans combined.

Drink of it, drink of My love.

Absorb it and let it melt away your self-reliant will

and desire to understand.

It will revive and refresh you,

awaken your heart,

fill you with joy and strength.


Relinquish all your burdens to me.

Do you remember what I have said?

Perfect love casts out all fears.

My light will pour forth from your scars.

You will be a beacon on a hill for all to see.


Rest and remain in Me and I will remain in you.

I am more concerned with your heart than all

the sacrifices you could bring.

For out of My love flows abundant life.


Yes, it’s an arduous journey and some healing

may need to take place for your eyes to see.

But it is worth it, my love.

Trust and believe I am for you.


You will lack no good thing if you patiently endure.

I pave a road before you.

And when your faith is tested, and

you question My nearness, I plead you

not to run or shrink back in fear.

I am still here.


See trials as opportunities for great joy and soul fatness.

Run to Me, My arms are open wide.

Tell me your thoughts and be real.

I am not impressed with your unnecessary, forced optimism.


Ask me.  And share the desires of your heart.

Tell me your fears and questions.

I love the authenticity of My children.

I already know your heart full well.


I long to speak My truth and grace into you.

Let it transform you and take root.

My word and promises pervade time and space.

They develop strength, wisdom and endurance if you are open.


Do not fear terrors in the night, arrows flying in the day,

disease stalking in darkness or disaster striking at midday. 

I will hold you steady and be your refuge.

My light shines all the more brightly in darkness. 


Trust in Me, my love. 

I will bring it to pass.

Come to Me.

Let my love and nearness soak in and make you radiant with My glory!

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“He will cover you with his feathers.  He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” –Psalm 91:4

Life has continued to take some unexpected turns for me the last few weeks.  I am currently living thousands of miles away from my husband and family, whom I love deeply.  Last winter in the midwest was very hard on me and my health.  My husband and I felt lead for me to move in with his family on the West coast, to see if the warmer weather positively influences my body.  I don’t understand (and have had a few “moments”), but feel deep peace that I am in the right place and at the right time.

I’m trying to give voice to the growing pains of adjustment, hold on to hope and remain open to daily opportunities.  The past has helped me to trust in the unseen, but each time new chances arise to further exercise my faith, they prove, once again, to be difficult for me to accept.  It’s easy to talk about crossing the Red Sea, but when you are standing before the deep, unparted waters, called to take the first step, it’s a different story.

So, moving seemed like the symbolic first step for me……waiting in hope and letting go of fears daily, for the waters to part.   I think I’m starting to see the water shift but know I can’t ultimately rely on circumstances or emotions for my grounding. My heart desires to continually lean on, and get to know the One who created me.  To come as I am, seeking His heart in my misunderstanding and come.

Joy is filling me.

Have you ever felt called to takes steps you don’t understand, but know it’s what you are hearing and have peace to do?  Please share, if you feel led, your response as well as what followed (provision, disappointment, fear, feelings, etc.)