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from picture30.blogspot.com

Overflowing with abundance

Your love broke through to me

I am so undone and give my heart to thee

To greater measure you repair

All that’s lost, battered and immensely torn

Even before the day I was formed

I clung to you in a dark cell bound

With all questions and my fears

But I, by You, still found

Now you say my suffering over

How do I respond to words like that?

A long awaited song, now leaves my joyful lips!

I in you and You in me

There is no place I’d rather be

But to sit with You and Your presence sweet

I’ve asked and sought, through drought and famine

You waited for the time so right

Delivering me from deep despair – because I ever precious in your sight

In Your faithfulness I now see

A harvest of righteousness and peace

Your grace and love abound,

And I, in you, complete.

from praisecitytt.com