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I apologize for my cyberspace absence! It’s been a busy June. Last Saturday I catered a wedding reception for one of my friends. It was a beautiful evening, but I’m so bummed I took little to no pictures (guess that’s what happens when running around like a crazy woman trying to set up a buffet). The few that I took were at night, using my phone and only of the dessert table so let’s forget for a few moments that this is a healthy eating blog.



I made red velvet and lemon cream cake “truffles” or balls as some like to call them. I thought truffles sounded a bit more sophisticated for the event. Also, baked up a small, rustic, two-tiered chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh flower garnish for the bride and groom. To round it out, chocolate and white sheet cakes from good ol’ Costco. Love the vintage sweets bar with coffee! (Sorry for the small picture size.)


wedding 3

The reception was in the backyard of a wonderful family’s home, that I got to know well over my time prepping for the whole shindig. Again, a huge thank you to all who helped. Especially my new friends Mallory and Ellen and my wonderful husband Klint for volunteering his time and displaying mad serving and cooking skills (this pic was during our clean up, so keep in mind a little delirium is setting in. I took it while sitting on a cooler, eating chips and salsa, laughing hysterically).


We had a great time. As my grandma Crow used to say, “It was a do-ins'”. Still kicking myself for not getting visible proof of our dinner display, but I can tell you the menu and most popular dish of the night….. which was healthy!

The spread included a sliced cheese variety, crackers, warm brie with honey and almonds, Italian salami, sandwich bar with gourmet toppings like roasted red peppers, pesto mayo and sun-dried tomato cream cheese. Tortilla chips with garden salsa, broccoli salad, fresh vegetable platter with dip in a red cabbage bowl and the most loved dish… Mediterranean Layer Dip with Pita Chips (click on for recipe). I posted it a long time ago so please excuse the amateur pictures and fluorescent lighting.

lincoln and steak salad 016

lincoln and steak salad 014

This dish is great for any occasion or course (summer bbq, picnic, Christmas, side, appetizer, etc.) and super easy to make. A base of creamy hummus and basil pesto are the tasty back drop for scattering sliced kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes (tip: not packed in oil), green pepper, cucumber, purple onion and crumbled feta cheese. Scoop up the layers of flavor with multigrain pita chips, crackers or veggies. It’s a large and small crowd pleaser. And gluten free (use GF hummus and pesto, or make your own). Enjoy!