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Summer is flying by faster than the jet we came in on last night from Iowa. It was a great week in the corn-belt state. We celebrated a joyous family wedding, snuggled with a new baby niece and walked around the quaint little town we once resided.

Again, my lack in posting was the product of traveling, but my hiatus has produced excitement and new ideas now I’m home. And I couldn’t forget part two of “Things I’m Loving” this summer. This morning I would also love a robot that simultaneously does laundry, pulls weeds and rubs feet.

1) 34 Summer Salads
corn salad
Some unique seasonal salad ideas from Better Homes & Gardens, http://www.bhg.com/recipes/salads/ideas/salad-recipes-ideas/#page=18. Click the link to browse all recipes and fight the distraction of detouring to the home decorating pages. I never do that. I’m just saying.

2) Peanut & Almond Butter Packets
justin almond butter
Individual nut butter packets that are convenient for summer traveling, picnics or trips to the beach. Pack some in your purse or cooler for a snack or lunch. Just add a juicy apple, crunchy celery sticks, banana, favorite bread or rice cakes.

3) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
chalk paint
I featured this paint a while ago when I repurposed an old buffet for my dining room. Offered in a variety of colors, eco-friendly and no odor. Even better, no priming or sanding. Just clean your piece, slap on the paint and distress if you like. One of the best paints I’ve used to get that worn out, antique look for furniture.

buffet 003

4) Sweet Leaf Stevia Packets
If you are a Stevia lover these are the best. I stick a few in my purse, add to cereal, coffee, anything your heart desires. The same brand also offers liquid form and flavored as well. If your grocery store doesn’t carry this brand order online, Amazon.com sells a large variety.

5) Van’s Everything Crackers (gluten-free)
vans crackers
One of the best GF snacks I’ve ever eaten. My husband pulled them out of the cupboard, started munching and yelled from the kitchen, “What are these? They’re awesome.” I crunch some up on top of salads, dip in hummus or eat plain right out of the box (as Klint would recommend).

6) Seer Outfitters
seer tee
Sported this tee the past week with my workout capris many days. Seer is a non-profit foundation that sells clothing to support great causes. They have a men and women’s line. To check out products and their mission go to http://www.seeroutfitters.com/.

Live today to it’s fullest.