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cut inside out rolls

It’s been dinner parties galore the past few days which means I’m loving life. Friday evening we had new friends around our table for Balsamic Marinated Grilled Chicken, Roasted Vegetable Salad with Avocado, Rosemary Bread with dipping olive oil and chocolatey fudge brownies and refreshing white wine sangria our guests graciously contributed.

Sunday our delightful neighbor Dave made the trek across the driveway to our back door with a bag his famous barbecued chicken. And let me tell you we ate ever last bite, and appreciated any remaining flavor by licking our fingers clean. I roasted some zucchini and sweet potato chips to enjoy along with the scrumptious, juicy smoked chicken. Summer food = deliciousness.

To follow up the fantastic weekend of flavor and fun, last night my culinary friend had us over for a sushi party. Her and I suited up in our aprons earlier in the day and whipped up some sticky rice, toasted nori and prepped veggies and smoked salmon. Deanna is a fantastic cook so I soaked up all the knowledge I could as a grateful guest in her kitchen.

Our husbands and Deanna’s two boys joined us later as we sliced and plated sushi, shaved cucumber salad, fruit and set out bowls of soy sauce and wasabi. The Salmon Hand rolls…

wrapping handroll

handroll complete

Cucumber Rolls…
cut rolls

Philadelphia Rolls…
cut rolls and philly roll

California Rolls with Smoked Salmon…
salmon roll

wrap step

and Inside-Out rolls (pictured at the top) were a success, a rewarding feeling after the hours we labored. I love that feeling, the feeling of creating something beautiful and cohesive out of previously independent ingredients, spending time and effort to share a savory accomplishment with others around a table, pure joy. And, I must add for this dinner a lot lighter on your wallet.

plate and wine



We dined al fresco on their brick patio, dipping our sushi, sipping plum wine and Japanese beer while getting to know some new friends. So, thank you Deanna and Gary for inviting us into your home and for a wonderful evening. First time sushi success!

In honor of last night’s meal here is a re-post recipe for my Garlic-Red Pepper Edamame with Sea Salt. Enjoy!

salmon and edamame 025