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Thought I’d start off the week with a list of favorite healthy eating and living products. In educating people in nutrition and fitness I like to use the phrase “a way of life”, no diet or healthy fad products, but practicing simple ways to daily make our bodies, minds, spirits and homes healthier.

1) Lara Uber Bars – gluten & dairy free, easy to pack in your gym bag or desk drawer. I also just found them in bulk at Costco. My favorite is the roasted nut roll flavor!

Lara Uber Bars

2) Almond Flour – Along with coconut flour almond is my most loved to bake and cook with. Great texture, nutrition and gluten free. For best baking results use Honeyville brand or a fine ground variety in the bulk section of your grocery store.

Honeyville Almond Flour

3) Coconut Oil & Water – Unrefined coconut oil is excellent for cooking, baking and hygiene uses. Pure 100%, no sugar added coconut water is sweet and a great electrolyte replenisher. Pour some into your blender smoothie as a natural, nutritious sweetener (I like Zico and VitaCoco brands).

Coconut Oil
Coconut Water

4)Pop Chips – Okay, so I try not to eat these too often but when craving a potato chip these are a wise option (besides making your own). They are crunchy, salty, gluten free and only 120 calories for about 20 chips. Try dipping in garlic hummus – delicious!


5) Trader Joe’s Sparkling Water – I admit at one point in my life I drank Diet Coke and soda like it was water (not my healthiest days and contributed to many headaches at the time). Flavored sparkling water is a great substitute for carbonated drink lovers. It’s not sweet, but if you add some fresh orange, lemon, lime slices, frozen berries or a splash of 100% fruit juice for added sweetness and flavor. My favorites are orange and berry. And each bottle is under $1!

Sparkline Water

6) Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – More calcium than milk, dairy free and so tasty. Add to smoothies, cereal or baked goods. At only 30 calories per 1 cup makes it over half that of nonfat cow’s milk!

Vanilla Almond Milk

7) Udi’s Vanilla Granola (gluten, dairy & refined sugar free) – Crunchy and sweetened with honey. Try adding fresh berries, raw almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut or ground flaxseed and almond milk – breakfast perfection!

Udi's Granola

8) Brita Water Pitcher – I know this one seems mundane but drinking filtered water is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to take care of your body and increase energy. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces per day (ex. 150 lb. person = 75 oz water/day). I like the really large sized pitchers so I don’t have to fill up as often.

Brita Pitcher

9) Method Cleaners & Detergent – Economical cleaners that are safer for home and skin. Available online or at Target.
Love the fresh grapefruit scent!

Method CleanerMethod Detergent

10) Jackie Warner Circuit DVD Workout – Right now I’m loving celebrity trainer Jackie Warner’s at home workouts. They are fun, new exercises in circuit style that burn calories and tone muscle. I like strength training the opposite days of cardio. A good plan is M-W-F (cardio) T-TH (strength/Pilates). Stretching well every day.

Jackie Warner DVD

11) Living Well: 365 daily devotionals for a balanced life – by Carole Lewis. Daily inspiration and encouragement. Available on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Living-Well-Daily-devotions-Balanced-ebook/dp/B005OBNVNI/ref=la_B001JSB74A_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393259914&sr=1-3.

living well