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Avocados, chicken, chipotle, black beans… some of my favorite ingredients. Mexican food is often easy to prepare gluten free, which is just another reason why I love these spicy, delicious combinations. Make your upcoming fiesta healthier without sacrificing one ounce of flavor. Here they are!

1) Mango-Cucumber Guacamole with Sweet Potato Chips– easy starter, side dish or snack.

2) Shrimp Ceviche – fresh, light appetizer or lunch.
ceviche 012

3) Avocado Corn & Black Bean Salad– simple salad, chicken topper or dip for organic blue corn tortilla chips.

4) Chicken Fajitas or Chicken Fajita Salad – a crowd favorite, set up a make-your-own fajita bar for easy entertaining.
fajitas 010


5) Albondigas Soup– a delicious, satisfying meatball soup.
potato bites and soup 025

6) Chipotle Grilled Chickenfire up your grill, this one’s a winner!

7) Salsa Chicken (slow cooker)– super, super easy and wonderful topped on a sweet potato, steamed brown rice or quinoa as a “burrito bowl”.

8) Fish Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Yogurt Crema– these are just plain good.

9) Tostada Burgers with Corn Salsa – a fun twist on tostadas with a citrus-y corn salsa.
tostado burgers 009

10)Fiesta Meatballs – who doesn’t love a good meatball?
fiesta dinner 056