Easy Tips and Products

  • Roasting (or baking) vegetables and fruits.  In season or especially out of season roasting brings out the natural sweetness and flavor of produce.  Add a little olive oil, salt and pepper (if applicable) and roast away!
  • Herbs. Adding fresh and dried herbs can add tons of flavor with very few calories and no fat.
  • Freezing.  This is an obvious one but remember you have a freezer.  Freeze homemade healthy muffins and reheat as needed, leftover cut vegetables or cooked rice.  Fresh spinach.  Cut ginger into pieces, wrap and freeze.

The Misto Mister adds olive oil with ease and fewer calories.  It is refillable and great to use on vegetables before roasting, pizza, garlic bread and salads.  Fill it with your favorite vinaigrette to spray on pasta or lettuce salads. $9-10 at most kitchen stores or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Looking to organize your spices?  I love my magnetic spice jars and board from IKEA.  Hangs easily on your wall or backspalsh.  Place near your oven or prep area to cut back on time walking to the pantry and easy measuring access with the wide jar opening.  Make labels for each jars’ contents if desired.

Don’t underestimate good, sharp knives.  They can reduce prep time along with knowing how to cut certain produce items.  My favorite knife is my Kitchen Aid (great for vegetables and fruits). I also recommend a good paring, meat carving and serrated knife (to cut things like tomatoes, bread and whole pineapples).


1 thought on “Easy Tips and Products”

  1. I am really impressed with the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer I ordered last yr.
    It uses less oil which has to be healthier and it saves money too.

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